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Anonymous asked: What do you want to do as a career ideally?

Too many passions. I want my own yoga studio, but I also want to see where the peace corps would take me, travel the work, do philanthropic work. Then I Also wanted to get into holistic nutrition/aromatherapy/homeopathic work. So everything, ideally?


 50 Movie Characters You Won’t Believe Are Real People

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Happy Earth Day.  Take this as time to think about your choices.  Be kind to Mother Earth and let’s not destroy her with our greedy choices. #govegan
Well then

Ever been so painfully in love with someone and it could’ve worked out but because of stupid anxieties and insecurities it basically ruined everything? He’s moving now and after having not spoken for a couple months, he suggests meeting up again. This is my last chance of ever seeing him. I don’t exactly see the point in spilling my heart out but at the same time can I live with this burden on my chest for much longer? It takes time to heal and move on but it’s been a year or so and my feelings have only intensified. Perhaps there’s a reason my feelings still longer, perhaps there’s a reason he actually wants to see me again. But in actuality, there’s no use trying to cope with a nonexistent future or explanation to whatever both of us feel or don’t feel. I have no expectations as to what might happen and there’s no use for further speculation. I guess I’ll just deal with it when the situation presents itself.

Ugh. This feeling is heavy.

trying to do an essay me: "sits at computer for 2.5 seconds "
me: "cleans entire room "
me: "reorganizes blog "
me: "creates new language "
me: "runs full-scale campaign to elect self ruler of new sovereign nation "
me: "saves universe "
me: "wow haha i sure got a lot done today i can just do my essay tomorrow"
#happyearthday love your mother 🌍🌳🌲🌸🌷🌱🌼🍄✨🌻